Your printers does not print as expected

You send the Print Job to the printer but the Light on the printer is flashing really fast. The print job does not start

Your printer is printing away and suddenly the print job stops

Suggested Solution

Switch the printer off at the switch on the printer

Remove the power cable from the printer

Switch the printer back on with the power switch and leave for 30 seconds while the power is disconnected.

Switch the printer off again

Plug the Power cable back into the printer

Switch the printer back on again

Test the printer with another print job

Explanation of solution
3D Printers are essentially computers, just like a computer it has memory chips on the motherboard that can receive bad data when this occurs it can behave erratically. By doing the above steps you are draining all power from the printers motherboard and flushing all the memory stored in the motherboard.

We have used this method to solve erratic issues on computers, xbox, inkjet and laser printers and even embroidery machines,   Give this a try.

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